There’s No Publicity…

…like bad publicity, to imitate the showbiz song.And up to now I would not have believed the above twist, but it’s worked.To quote from the magnificent ‘Sometimes’ of Sheenagh Pugh: “may it happen for you.”

For the first time ever,  a bad review for the poetry collection “Citizeness” appeared in Orbis magazine, from Noel Williams. And that was the end of that. But it wasn’t. A few weeks later a request came from the Poetry Library on the Southbank for two copies, and they were going to pay the price & the postage. Totally flummoxed. Here’s the magic review-

“This seems to be Pat Jourdan’s own press.Her pamphlet is plain, serviceable and has endpapers, though papers are not trimmed, print has the graininess of photocopy, and the typesetting, though given generous margins, has the unevenness of word processing.However, with 28 poems, it’s pretty good value.

This personal press philosophy accords well with the political agenda expressed….There’s little attemptto create a poetic language beyond that which comes with political complaint….Pat Jourdan can produce striking images and phrases(e.g. ‘the profit and loss of air’ in ‘Renewables’) but her indignation also permits counter-productive language, for example, in ‘Gun-Merchants’ Children.

As socio-political observations, a strong collection, but as poems, some work much better than others.

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