Bermuda Triangle for Writers Explained

Once upon a time, writers just wrote and posted their manuscripts off to agents and then some got puublished and then they did a couple of public readings and that was that. A to Z in a clear line.

Ha! That has all changed. In order to promote their books, authors now have to navigate  crossways of media connections- or in some cases non-connections. We are told we must have a Facebook account, swiftly followed by a Facebook Author’s page.Then a twitter account. then a weblog (like this,or even bigger.) Then a website. then assuming the book is published, it’s over to Amazon in its two incarnations .com and .uk for another Author’s page. Then there’s Linked-in and Plaxo and even more delights.

Each of these are like small children and demand feeding every day (or at least once a week.) Any less and you are slipping.Moving round each of these sites like a robot leaving snippets and reading other people’s messages eats up attention and time.

It’s not even a Bermuda Triangle, it’s more like a dodecahedron with the writer running to and fro wittering on at each point. This leaves less and less time for the actual writing-stuff that the entire Ponzi-scheme is built on. It’s as if the technology is slowly wringing the soul out of writing. It’s up to us to prove them wrong, which means I’m off to start the next novel while there’s still a little space left inside the original triangle.

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