Save Our Adverbs

This was going to be the Adverb* Defence League but that sounded misleadingly* political. In the past few years i have read edicts that we are not to use adverbs. They are forbidden. You are not allowed to walk briskly* – you must dash. If you walk slowly* you must crawl.
This leaves the verb having to do ALL the work on its own without any help or any modification/qualification. That is a snapshot of present society – the verb on its own, unmodulated and stark e.g.:
I went – not, “I went quietly, quickly, slowly.” Without the adverb, I had to creep, dash, dawdle.
It is one of the eight Parts of Speech, with nouns, adjectives,pronouns,verbs,adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections.
-So that’s one eighth of your building blocks gone. Verboten. This explains a lot of zombie writing, the bald writing that exists now, trying to be exciting by cutting to the bone. This is what happens if people conform to some edict. remember, there was a time when when’eer, o’er, wheresome’er were all the rage and all the writers used the same construction. Then right in the middle of it all burst Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy (published in volumes between 1760 and 1767.) with its honest grab-you-by-the-lapels immediacy. he does have the odd betwixt, durts and forthwith, but the rest is as modern as tomorrow.
It is, of course, the mass of adverbs ending in -ly that are under the major attack here. This is because, i would guess, of their wildly* excessive use by the romantic end of the market with their
willingly* slowly* cruelly*happily* quickly* freely* clearly* briefly* bitterly* bravely* and ,of course, ecstatically*
Here are a few examples, anonymously*
“She rose gracefully*”
“She said rather desperately”
“He began gallantly* escorting her”
“He surveyed her mockingly*”
“He said harshly*”
Scattering them about like this turns adverbs into ridiculous sequins, with little value. However, I am certainly* going to continue using adverbs more freely* if they are a threatened species.
And, a storm warning – adjectives are apparently* due for the chop soon too.

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